Long-Term Care

The medical, social, and personal care services needed
by people who have lost their capacity to care for themselves
due to a chronic illness or condition.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term care addresses the need for a dependent person to receive the necessary assistance to live in a comfortable and dignified manner.  Family members may not be readily available or have the necessary skills needed to provide health related care.  A pre-planned source of funding for this assistance is one method used to address any shortcomings that families may have.  Long-term care and/or another combination or an annuity or life insurance with a long-term care rider may be this source.   

Types of care

Long-term care policies typically include health care as well as supportive services for tasks of "everyday living" such as housekeeping, household chores, and transportation.  Recipients of care may live in a nursing facility, assisted living or even at home.  Also, family caregivers often reach out for professional care services such as adult daycare and caregiver respite programs for temporary relief.  A long-term care policy will take care of all these services without relying on the families weekly earned income. 

Who buys it and why:

  • Preserve independence
  • Guarantee choice of care and cargivers
  • Stay at home as long as possible
  • PROTECT assets and standard of living
  • Avoid being a burden on family and friends
  • Leave more assets to family members, Church, school or other worthy causes
  • Peace of mind